Monday, March 9, 2009

Before the Rain

Mr. J was a sleepy boy when we met for our photo session this weekend. Poor little guy just wanted to take his nap and here I was sticking a big camera in his face. And, to make matters worse, he went for a tumble during our shoot. I felt so terrible because mom said it was the first time he's fallen! Sorry!

Still, even though there were some tears, I managed to get a big smile, and that made everything totally worth it. At least, I hope mom sees it that way.

Vanessa, thanks so much for meeting me at the park. I know it probably seemed like J was miserable, but I am really happy with the shots we got. I hope he doesn't have a big bruise on his face. Enjoy your sneak peak!!


lauren maecha said...

Amazinggggg!!! We love baby Joshua. These shots are amazing!!!!!!

Vanessa Guzman said...

Thanks for loving my baby! Stacy is just amazing and so patient!

Twinks said...

I have the most gorgeous baby nephew in the whole wideeeee world! I love baby Joshua! <3