Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lovely Little Ladies

This weekend has been a busy one for me. I traveled down the shore to meet three adorable little girls and my munchkins got to spend some much needed time with their grandparents. They even had a sleepover which gave me and my hubby some alone time.

Today I had a mini session, drove back down to pick up my girls, and then hurried home to watch the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. So now I'm trying to catch up on my sneak peeks for the weekend.

These two sisters have almost the same age gap as my girls. Miss G is 4 and the Miss C will be turning 1 this week. They were a riot. Mom and dad had a gorgeous house for me to play around in so we took some pictures in the Conservatory. How fun!

Adrian, thanks so much for having me over. It was a pleasure to meet your family. Here are just a couple of my favorite pictures of the girls.

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