Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Girl

I met this little girl when she was inside her mommy's tummy. She was supposed to make her debut at the beginning of the month but decided to come out a little earlier than expected.

I am always amazed at how little babies are when they are first born. Well, miss L was probably one of the tiniest I've held in a long time. She was precious and I had a great time photographing her. Mom mentioned angel wings and I almost screamed with delight. Actually I think I did scream. I picked up angel wings a while back ~ around Halloween time ~ hoping I would get use them, but I totally forgot about them. I am so glad I keep them stashed in my car!

Yisel, thanks for letting me come back and take some pictures. They came out awesome! Here are just a few. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Yisel said...

i just absolutely love the pictures as usual a Phenomenal JOB!!!! Also, you were so patient when i kept wanting to take more even though your little girl had to nap:) THANKS!!!