Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Around The House

I haven't been taking many pictures lately. This move has really been hard on me. I feel so unsettled. We're living at my in-laws. I don't like it here. I don't feel comfortable. I can't wait to get out. I'm beginning to think trying to start a business in the middle of all this wasn't such a good idea. I might have to extend my goal. I wanted to give myself a year, but it might take more time. Ugh! And I think I'm going to have to cancel my workshop in June. If we want to get out of this house, we need to save money and pay off debt. Spending hundreds of dollars to travel to Texas is not smart right now. I am so bummed!

I did get my camera out yesterday to take some pictures around the house here.


Dallas said...

Great photos! I really like the two feet shots.

Christina said...

Don't get too down! Your "year" is still almost a year away....things will settle down and you will feel more at ease again! I can imagine how unfomrotbale living out of boxes, tho. I'm glad you did get out the camera. I love the simplicity of the chair, and your processing on the second one is beautiful!