Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My First Workshop

I put down a deposit on my first workshop. I'm going to Texas, baby!

I chose The Mamarazzi School because I love Sarah Q's style of photography. It's bright and fun and modern. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should get yourself over there now. They just set up a forum too!

I'm doing a one-on-one workshop so that I can soak up all of miss Sarah's knowledge about running a photography business. She uses Lightroom so I hope to get a little practice with that too. Mostly, I want someone to help me feel comfortable with my camera. I'm getting there but it can't hurt to have a professional give me the push I need, right.

I scheduled it for June 30th so I'll be sure to post my review and hopefully some fantastic images.

Oh and in case you haven't noticed, I listed a ton of really cool tips and tricks on the sidebar over there. Go check 'em out!


Golightly said...

I love the new site and your new adventure. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out. (Is that the right word? Oh well.)

Anyway, GOOD LUCK!!!!

Golightly said...

PS I've seen your pictures, I know you have a great eye!