Sunday, April 13, 2008

Figuring Out Flash

For the longest time I've been shooting without flash. Everything I've read says that on-camera flash is the devil so I crank up my ISO to 1600 when I'm inside and shoot away. The only problem is all my pictures seem to come out soooo grainy and fuzzy.

Yesterday, my neice took my camera at a birthday party and started shooting with the flash. I just finished editing the pictures and hers came out so much better than mine. So if I'm not supposed to be using flash, what should I be doing?

Check it out ...

With flash:

Without flash:

In other totally awesome news, I got myself a logo. Awwww yeah! I was checking out a photography forum and found a fabulous lady who is just starting out in the design field. She wanted to practice so I e-mailed her and told her what I wanted.

So here's my best shot for Monday (again, it's not mine, but I'm so excited). What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy...
love this blog! i'm in the same situation as you right now so am always excited to see what other tips and tricks you've great. i have two young boys and mainly take pics of them, but others have now asked me to do some for them as well. i'm nervous but excited to try :)
i too have the "flash problem"...i'm thinking of getting a flash that can be bounced...won't have the harsh glare and would be handy for dreary days when using window light...just a thought :)
keep up the good work!

Christina said...

I an in exactly the same spot! I hate and despise flash...but I have to admit that's mostly because I don't know how to use it correctly. Natural light just doesn't cut it all the time in a less-than-bright house, so I really need to make friends with flash.

yay for the logo! It's CUTE!

Jaimee said...

I love that picture...I am no expert - But, I hate the flash as well. I can't wait to get a bounce flash so I don't have to use the on-camera flash. For now, I stick with taking pics outside, near a bright window, or pumping up the ISO...I love Noiseware--is a great software for working with high ISO!