Thursday, April 10, 2008

Building My Portfolio

I added some new pictures to my portfolio set on Flickr yesterday. I took Julianna to my sister-in-laws house and naturally I brought my camera. I wanted to practice outside with the natural light. Here are a few of my faves.


Kim said...

I love the last one (tree hugger) and the baby in the grass and the girls laughing in the tree house!

Meg said...

I love pictures in natural light...they are just so much better! And I can't ever critique your photos because your daughters are so cute that I forget to be all technical (not that I know any of that stuff anyway!).

Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures - the kids are so cute!

Here's some CC for you:

#1 I really like this shot, the sun is behind them so you aren't getting too much glare. Their eyes are bit shadowed, but it is hard in full sun to get great eyes (look at the prom pictures I took - very shadowed eyes)

#2 It's a cute shot, but the background is pretty busy taking your attention away from the baby. It looks a little soft, too.

#3 Very cute! I think I would crop it in tighter and so it's not so centered - using the rule of thirds for composition.

#4 This is a bit underexposed, so I would lighten it up. Also, try a different crop since her eyes are centered.

#5 I really like this one - but I would try a tighter crop so her eyes are in the upper right of the photo. Then you won't have the distraction of the house. I'd lighten it up a tad and add a little more contrast, too, as the conversion looks a little flat. You want her eyes to pop.

Hope you don't mind the CC! Just trying to help - that is how we learn. :)